Maria Luisa Diaz de Leon Zuloaga. MA, MSMT, MSME, REAT


“Follow your bliss”

This well-known phrase of Joseph Campbell has guided my path, even before I learned about this quote and that bliss is:
that deep sense of being present,
of doing what you absolutely must do
to be yourself.
What is my bliss? Cultivating the dialogue between somatic movement, dance, depth psychology, mythology and expressive arts to create possibilities for awareness, healing, growth and transformation. Always befriending the soma, the living body.
Therapist, dancer, somatic movement specialist, performer, teacher and researcher are some of the words that point to my professional path and my growth as an individual. I have always felt a deep calling to live a life where meaning, creativity and beauty are a constant.
I attribute most of my pain and suffering to the times when I have shut down, become numb, or tried too hard to maintain appearances and fulfill expectations. Somatic movement and dance lead me to an intimate encounter with myself, where I can explore who I am and reconnect with my calling. The experience of being in dialogue with my body has been one of growth, transformation and healing; an ongoing restoration and re-imagining or my lifes’ narratives through the practice of the expresive arts, mythology and archetypal psychology.
 My commitment is to provide people with adequate guidance so that they can live with self-agency, courage, creativity, and responsibility. Through somatic, expressive arts and creative interventions I guide my clients and groups in exploratory inquires, inviting self-reflection and continued learning. I encourage and support individuals in taking a path of self-knowledge, clear interpersonal communication, and determination to embody and live their soul’s calling. I believe that, by traveling this path, we can adventure into the endless mysteries, challenges and opportunities that life offers us.